Riccardo Cesca

Riccardo Cesca is the first author; he devised the plot and is responsible for the original idea. He studied drama and criminology and has an academic degree in Investigative Sciences. His work reflects his experience in both areas. This has enabled him to base his work on reality and then dramatize it using theatrical techniques. In addition, as an expert in the realities of the entertainment industry, it has been easy for him to adapt his creativity to the structures of film making. Therefore, he considers himself ready both as script writer and as director for his debut film.

  • Writer

    He’s the mind and the main author behind “The Prince in the Ice” and “The Profiles of the Assassin”, the first two chapters of the trilogy. He’s currently writing the third chapter, which will be published during summer 2017

  • Actor

    He studied drama and he had the chance to work as an actor.

  • What else?

    He has lots of projects and 6 more books in store. He is capable of coming up with an idea for a book or a movie simply out of the blue. In his view “if your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it – then you can achieve it.” ( cit. Muhammad Ali)