The novel is a thriller noir. The story begins in Rome (Italy) and develops almost entirely in Canada, except an episode which takes place in the city of Buffalo (USA).
The writers give value to the Canadian mountain landscape and to the social interactions of a typical rural mountain community.

The main character is Rachel. She is a female serial killer, characterized by sociopathic and psychopathic disorders, which underlie her everyday behavior. She controls people in order to achieve her goals. She involves herself and plays with other characters, takes advantage of their weaknesses. She deems them useful only as slaves and employs her overwhelming sexuality and moral strength in order to keep them under total control. Her only and ultimate purpose is the creation of a “perfect man”.

The plot is full of suspense, embellished by bloody and erotic episodes, related to one another. This way, the readers think they know what is going to happen next, but they are often deceived. As the story comes to an end, the readers are finally capable of understanding Rachel’s mental disorders, her purposes, her behavior and her deranged actions.
Unlike many thrillers, the police’s point of view is deliberately neglected to give value to the killer’s point of view and in particular to her MO – modus operandi, as if her mental disorders were the real protagonists. This is one of the novel’s most important, original and distinctive hallmarks.

The entire plot is closely developed around Rachel. Her point of view can be considered as the camera and the reader would be the director; her mental disorders control her state of mind, it seems like there are no limits to her insane actions, she does not have a conscience and hence does not feel guilty. She believes the end justifies the means. She cannot be bothered by the surrounding environment, because she is only looking forward to achieve her purposes. However, the luxuriant and lovely environment of Canada’s woods is carefully described and employed as a background character, in contrast with the terrible events that take place within it. In the same way, the peaceful and traditional mountain community will be upset by the arrival of the film crew.

In the end, throughout the entire novel, it is possible to notice a deep knowledge of mental disorder dynamics, real and accurate investigations and profiling procedures.

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