There will be considerable characters’ transformations in this second chapter of the trilogy.  14 years has gone by between the first and the second book. During this long period of time, Rachel has been hiding god knows where, she simply went off the grid. Her very disappearance, which has emotionally upset her ex husband Bruno Valenti, has inspired him to study profiling and sharpen his investigative skills, thanks also to the help of the FBI’s profiler who he got to know during the investigation in Canada. Now, she has become something more than a friend for him. Bruno, during the 14 years of study and work, has developed a remarkable investigative ability and has become an internationally known profiler. His transformation, which came to Rachel’s attention, encouraged the evil minded woman to come out and challenge him again. Some clues will surface during the investigations on a possible accomplice Rachel makes use of. These clues will come as a shock to Bruno and will result in a dramatic turn of events. The couple of serial killers will commit their murders mainly in the United States and in Europe. The Interpol and local law enforcements will be involved in the investigations. Bruno and his profiling team will be the main protagonists.

The investigations will reveal a biological bond between Bruno and the killers’ “criminal team”. This discovery will encourage him even further to stop them. It seems, at the end of the second book, that the noose of the law could be finally tightened around the neck of the serial killers who have committed such vicious murders…but it does not always turn out as we imagine it. Bruno will be forced to fight with his motivations and come to terms with his affections, and the profiles of the assassin will put him severely to the test…