The Profiles of the Assassin

Successful presentation at the Feltrinelli bookstore!

On Friday, April 4 2017, starting at 6 PM, the writers Riccardo Cesca and Emanuele Bossi have presented the second chapter, “The Profiles of the Assassin”, of their trilogy. The journalist Micol Brusaferro has led the presentation by discussing with the authors the reasons and motivations for their literary choices and most importantly the public have had the chance to get a considerable insight into the second part of the trilogy. In addition, the writers has laid out their future plans which consist of 6 more books by Riccardo Cesca and a movie based on the first chapter of the trilogy, “The Prince in the Ice”.
The event finished with a Q&A between the writers and the public.
At the very end, Riccardo Cesca has reminded the public that the authors, along with the publishing house Meridiano Zero, will take part in the fundraising for the UICI (Italian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia.
For every copy sold, the amount of 5€ will be given to charity,
The afore-mentioned value will be obtained adding together the writers’ royalties and an amount of money suggested by the publisher.
We wish to inform anyone who would like to participate to the fundraising, that the copies of the books should be bought directly from the publisher, but they should be ordered solely and exclusively from the social co-operative Co.A.La. from Trieste, which, we stress out, will serve only as intermediary between the buyers and the publisher, without getting any money.

Below you can find the direct link to the Gallery of the event :

Gallery – Presentation at the bookshop Feltrinelli in Trieste